‘Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.’ – Shirley Polykoff

Whether writing a feature article about a cult Jazz musician, a poem about Summer days and rosebuds or a catchy slogan for a branded pair of trainers it is the connection made with the reader that determines the success of the words.

At ReddSugarBlack we are first and foremost writers and we love words, we love writing and we love creativity.  ReddSugarBlack works on the ethos that words should produce an effect and copy should have an intended result; a call to action.

With track records in journalism, feature writing, poetry and performance, speech writing and storytelling we can create the words for your business to make that connection and prompt that conversation with your clients and customers.

We are an innovative group of creatives and we believe on basing our creativity in copywriting on the solid foundations of Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction and Action (AIDCA).

ReddSugarBlack is a creative content provider. Using writers from differing fields we offer a creative and content led vision of how to engage your clients by telling the story of your business. Using our creative experience of managing and promoting events we can bring your venue, business and organisation to the fore through multi-media programming of bespoke events tailored to your business and your market. We can use the story behind the analytics and react to design briefs to find a your voice in the marketing conversation every business has with its clients. We are B2B in our service but as writers, event organisers and creatives we draw on our backgrounds in journalism, fiction, poetry, feature writing, storytelling, radio & TV broadcasting and music to personalise how your business connects with the world.